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Professor i medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap vid Umeå universitet.

Review of Spotify book in the American Book Review

In the latest issue of American Book Review, Robin James at UNC Charlotte, has written a longer review, “Financial Music” about our book Spotify Teardown. I have lost count on the numbers of reviews our book has received (which does [...]

Lectures at Ukranian Catholic University, Lviv

This week I am traveling to Lviv in the Ukraine to give two lectures at the Ukranian Catholic University. They are both related to research that I have been doing the last couple of years on diversified field within media studies. The first [...]

What Even Is Spotify?

The journal The Nation has recently published a fine review of our book Spotify Teardown, with the apt title What Even Is Spotify? The article is many ways summons both what our book is about, and the difficulties that arise when [...]

Fotografisk dokumentation på Nordiska museet

I det bokmanus jag arbetar med kring kulturarvets mediehistoria har jag nyss blivit hyfsat klar med ett avsnitt om Nordiska museet, samt hur fotografi användes för att dokumentera samlingarna. Möjligen har jag fått somligt [...]

Audiovisual Data in Digital Humanities

The co-edited issue of VIEW. Journal of European Television History and Culture (by Andreas Fickers, Mark J. Williams and myself) provides a critical survey of new Digital Humanities methods and tools directed toward audiovisual [...]

From Napster To Spotify – Interview on Australian Radio

I was recently interviewed by Australian journalist Dan Dare – a talk that has now been incorporated into the radio program From Napster To Spotify: How Did We Get Here and Where Are We Headed at the Australian community [...]

Audiovisual Data in Digital Humanities

Together with Andreas Fickers and Mark J. Williams I have been co-editor of a special issue for the journal View on Audiovisual Data in Digital Humanities. The issue provides a critical survey of [...]

Nationalmuseums mediehistoria

I det bokmanus jag arbetar med om kulturarvssektorns mediehistoria har turen nu kommit till Nationalmuseum och dess användning av fotografi (eller snarare avsaknad av slikt mediebruk). Avsnittet om Nationalmuseum ser i nuläget ut [...]

Om mediearkeologi & kilskrift

I det bokmanus jag arbetar med om kulturarvssektorns mediehistoria ägnar jag i mig i ett aktuellt kapitel åt fotografi. Inom kulturarvssektorn har miljoner av fotografier använts för att dokumentera och återge [...]

Digitalt kulturarv – workshop på Tekniska museet 17/5

Nästa fredag 17/5 arrangerar vi en workshop på Tekniska museet om digitalt kulturarv. Bakgrunden är att år 2015 och 2016 så utlyste Riksbankens Jubileumsfond och Vitterhetsakademien anslag till projekt som syftade [...]