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Doktor i medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap vid Malmö universitet.

Debattartikel på Svt Opinion

Idag skriver jag en debattartikel på Svt Opinion där jag efterfrågar en större precision i det förebyggande arbetet mot extremistgruppers (läs IS) radikalisering och rekrytering på nätet. Min poäng [...]

Activism and journalism in the global information ecosystem

As human beings we have a need to categorize and structure the world around us in order to make sense and understand a rather complex contemporary time. Lately I have encountered readings and debates around the distinction between activism and [...]

New design. New focus.

New design. New focus. I have tried to streamline this blog and will from now on frame it more towards my current research and interest in dimensions of media activism. After two articles/chapters published during the recent year about the [...]

Freedom of speech, religion and fanaticism

The debate on the vitality and threat to freedom of speech and expression, including the most effective strategies to defend its practice, currently proceeds across large parts of the democratic world. The more right we give to individuals to [...]

Editorialists as shining stars of contemporary media

News journalism has long been based on events occuring and journalists report on these events to an audience. In turn, editorialists write a text based on the events and the reports on them. Today editorialists, however, are increasingsly [...]

No place to hide from surveillance

Every once in a while I read books. A rather fair amount to be honest. And last week I finished one I believe could be interesting for others (which is not always the case) So, starting off the new year with a reflection on this book on [...]

Happy New Year

Just to prove to those who follow this blog that it is not down, I have not left, I am still alive and kicking (sort of) and will, through same procedure as last year, try to update more frequently during … Continue reading →

How the US State Department counters online radicalization

As I have read and tried to understand the Quran, I have a deep interest in trying to relate current discourses on Islam and especially those who claim an islamic faith and rhetoric however have very little to do with the actual writings of the [...]

‘Resistance technologies’ with a twist

Yesterday I submitted a final draft for a chapter in a forthcoming anthology on Video activism in the age of networks. My text evolves around the use of mobile technologies and applications to stream moving images live with a potential global [...]

News coverage of Ebola – a discourse of fear

The current outbreak and spread of ebola devastates villages, towns and countries in western Africa. Journalistic outlets are filled with information, speculation, advice, numbers, graphics, experts, non-experts and a seemingly compulsive fear [...]