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Internationell forskning och vad som händer i omvärlden.

Activism and journalism in the global information ecosystem

As human beings we have a need to categorize and structure the world around us in order to make sense and understand a rather complex contemporary time. Lately I have encountered readings and debates around the distinction between activism and [...]

How the US State Department counters online radicalization

As I have read and tried to understand the Quran, I have a deep interest in trying to relate current discourses on Islam and especially those who claim an islamic faith and rhetoric however have very little to do with the actual writings of the [...]

Kampanjen som försvann

I helgen var jag i Edinburgh och landade eftermiddagen efter att Skottland röstade nej till att bryta sig loss från Storbritannien. Hade tänkt fotografera av affischer från ja- och nejkampanjen, men där gick jag bet. [...]

Perspektiv på Gaza

Ämnet religionshistoria på Södertörns högskola arrangerade i förra veckan ett heldagsseminarium om konflikthärdar i Mellanöstern. Det var ett utmärkt initiativ av två skäl. För det [...]

The geopolitics of ISIS and their social media strategies

During the last weeks the US strategy againt ISIS has turned into a more decisive mode. More military actions, in close cooperation with other allies (especially the Iraqi goverment), have been taken, even if there are scepticism towards the new [...]

Tell the world – compassion for Palestine

So I’ve just spent time with my daughter. Watching her play, laugh and empower the world around her. Everytime: the best time of my life. It never stops. She is all that is good and innocent in my immediate surrounding and life. But with [...]

Saudi Arabia – online interpretations of Islam

A country that in many ways has been neglected in media- and intellectual debates around the Arab revolution during 2011 and onwards, since the media spotlight for various reasons often fell on Egypt, Libya and Syria instead, is Saudi Arabia. [...]

Journalister i tre länder genomlysta

I en av sessionerna på CEECOM2014 hade vi den sista stora redovisningen från forskningsprojektet Journalism in change som pågått 2011-2014 på Södertörns högskola. Inför en fullsatt sal med [...]

Medier i öst 25 år efter murens fall

25 år av mediefrihet och offentlighet i Central- och Östeuropa är temat för den pågående CEECOM2014 i Wroclaw i Polen. CEECOM samlar medieforskare från hela regionen, närmare 200 [...]

After the protests in Gezi Park and on Tahrir?

As the newspapers are filled with images and stories of civic engagement, protests and demonstrations around the world and citizens trying to collectively achieve change within the national context of politics, I start wondering over the actual [...]